Saturday, November 12, 2016

Flip sides to a story

November 12, 2016 

Around the same time I was beginning my new career as an echo tech, the ACA was also beginning.

In a land far, far away on another planet that resembled Earth, this happened:

I remember scanning people who obviously had issues with their hearts that had been left untreated. Why? They could not afford health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, as well as not being able to afford the premiums after turning 50-years of age. One person had tears in her eyes. This person was so cooperative during the exam.

Fellow echo techs understand what I mean: willingly turned into a left decubitus position, didn’t ask when I would be finished 30 seconds into the at least 30-minute exam, didn’t complain that I had to press the transducer into their chest, didn’t complain that the exam bed was too small, the pillows not fluffy enough. This person was so relieved that a treatment plan would be in place by the end of the day.

After this patient, I scanned a patient who was angry. Angry that she had to wait her turn. You see, she said, she was always able to get her appointments whenever she wanted. But now that “those” people had insurance, she had to wait. She said she couldn’t wait for this Obama Care to be repealed. This person had spent her life in the security of her husband’s career. Not her own, but living off of someone else’s hard-earned paycheck. Oh gasp. Can of worms.

Nevertheless, I said to myself—self: you can never, ever be a Republican. 

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