Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poking Results

I have had two acupuncture treatments so far and I’m taking a high-potency proteaseS Serrapeptase supplement—a mouthful title which means plant fiber.

The first couple of days after the first treatment were a little rough, the acupuncturist said it’s rare but some people re-experience the trauma of when an injury first occurred. Yeah, I buy that since the roller coaster ride for me was up there on the traumatizing scale. Why are those things fun?

Anyway, I digress, PTSD is a subject for another blog. Five minutes after the second treatment I had this feeling of relief. And then yesterday, I had the best day since the stupid roller coaster ride decision. I was in complete happiness shock--that is the kind of shock I would gladly welcome retriggering. However, I over did it some with my day-long Snoopy dancing, but I had no idea if it was a fluke so I couldn’t contain myself in taking full advantage of a pain-free day. It has been soooo long. Today wasn’t quite as good, but I’m beginning to seriously entertain the belief this injury may heal. And by being a human pin cushion no less.

I must admit, I was skeptical that needles in my ankles would produce any results, after all, I am a Westerner, but my experience with American medicine has forced me to enter the realm of alternative, as in sane avenues, of treatments. My thinking is forever expanded.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Poking Fun

Two different things happened this week.

One: My son the notoriously fussy eater ate fish. He said when camping he will eat the fish he catches and then some if offered. At home, he will not touch the stuff so don’t even try. I almost had to pull the car over when he told me because this kid doesn’t put anything in his mouth other than pizza, macaroni and cheese and candy.

Two: He gave me a new name, “Porcupine.”

I had acupuncture for the first time and he had the same reaction as I did about him eating fish, “You did what???”

It all started last August when I rode a roller coaster trying to prove that I was some kind of cool mom or something which was a ridiculous consideration in the first place. I’m kind of a dork. And isn’t it a little more to our advantage as parents of teens to have them exasperated with us rather than think we’re cool? And since all my life I have hated roller coasters why did I ever get this idea to ride one? My collarbone area has not been the same. I have given up on how to describe the discomfort, let’s just say it can get very distracting. Then the type of work I do compounded the problem as well as the car accident I had, and apparently as I age, I don’t heal as fast anymore even if I eat blueberries by the bushels, drink green tea, and take Advil.

Doctors have had no clue what to do. They gave me an EKG. They said my heart’s fine. Really? They said take Advil and don’t get stressed out even after charging me over $3000.00 for their medical expertise in this diagnosis.

So acupuncture was my next adventure in healing. I had needles in my ears, calves, ankles, and a magnet on my finger which in my opinion made me feel much cooler than any roller coaster riding mama. Will it work? If my son ate fish, then there is nothing but optimism in my mind.

I’ll let you know.