Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poking Results

I have had two acupuncture treatments so far and I’m taking a high-potency proteaseS Serrapeptase supplement—a mouthful title which means plant fiber.

The first couple of days after the first treatment were a little rough, the acupuncturist said it’s rare but some people re-experience the trauma of when an injury first occurred. Yeah, I buy that since the roller coaster ride for me was up there on the traumatizing scale. Why are those things fun?

Anyway, I digress, PTSD is a subject for another blog. Five minutes after the second treatment I had this feeling of relief. And then yesterday, I had the best day since the stupid roller coaster ride decision. I was in complete happiness shock--that is the kind of shock I would gladly welcome retriggering. However, I over did it some with my day-long Snoopy dancing, but I had no idea if it was a fluke so I couldn’t contain myself in taking full advantage of a pain-free day. It has been soooo long. Today wasn’t quite as good, but I’m beginning to seriously entertain the belief this injury may heal. And by being a human pin cushion no less.

I must admit, I was skeptical that needles in my ankles would produce any results, after all, I am a Westerner, but my experience with American medicine has forced me to enter the realm of alternative, as in sane avenues, of treatments. My thinking is forever expanded.

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